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Jewel Stone Size 1

Jewel Stone Size 2

Shin Petal Size 1

Shin Petal Size 2

The mezuzah- the perfect gift for new beginnings- new baby, new home engagements, weddings, bar and bat mizvah.

These mezuzahs are designed by the artist Beth Haber. Known for her work dealing with memory and history, she explores the balance between the delicate and the durable.

These designs have been selected by architects and designers for use in public and private projects In this signed series, Haber fuses hand-painted illuminated papers and mixed media with copper to create mezuzahs evoking both scroll and treasure, ancient jewel cases in contemporary sculpted form.

Current offering two styles: Jewel-Stone and Shin-Petal. The mezuzahs are colored in soft gold and copper mineral tones. Color accents : plum/light blue/deep blue/sienna/rose/ peridot/copper/gold. These colors are approximate, and indicate general shades- we are happy to customize to specifications.

Mezuzahs are available in standard size 3 and long 4 5/8. 3 parchments are also available. All mezuzahs are gift boxed and come with glass tubing and removable stopper. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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